Sunnetta “Sunny” Slaughter, SME
Founder/Principal Consulting
Sunny Slaughter Consulting, LLC

Sunny Slaughter Consulting, LLC is a diversified consulting boutique which provides business and criminal consulting, training, advocacy and expertise for a national and international clientele. Slaughter offers over 30 years of executive leadership as a policy strategist, facilitator, expert witness, TEDx speaker, a federally certified law enforcement instructor and subject matter expert, across a broad spectrum of human rights, social justice and civil rights issues.

Sunny has taken the lead in the management, coordination and oversight of high-profile collaborative partnerships and multijurisdictional operations, including international and national partners across multiple disciplines, for the execution of initiatives and strategies with a focus on prevention and intervention. For the past decade, she has focused her efforts on the intersectionality of human trafficking exploitation, human rights, social justice and civil rights issues. Sunny has led efforts to change the culture of the conversation on trafficking and exploitation, by identifying the lived and shared experiences of Marginalized. Masked. Missed. ™ populations for trafficking schemes which are often ignored.

Sunny has leveraged her personal and professional relationships across multiple disciplines and actively worked in the development and implementation of compliance and accountability policies, processes and practices, as part of a business Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) imprint.

Sunny is a highly skilled communicator and writer with an extensive public relations and crisis management background. She has notably served as a Media Crime Analyst and Expert for national and international media and radio outlets including; ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN/HLN’s After Dark and Trinity Broadcast Network.

Sunny is the recipient of numerous awards, honors and a member of various professional associations including, the American Public Health Association, National Association of Social Workers and the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association.