Gladys Lundy
The Minority Women Heath Project, Inc.

Gladys Lundy is a retired university administrator. Her previous positions were at Phillips College, Shaw University, and Campbell University. She has served as Director of Veteran Affairs, Director of Business Education, Associate Director of a university satellite location, and a university registrar. She also held a foreign services position in Boca Del Toro, Panama.

Ms. Lundy has a personal mission to provide education on women’s health issues, particularly heart disease and stroke. She suffered a heart attack and two strokes that were caused by undetected heart disease. She was unable to speak and physically incapacitated following two open-heart surgeries. She was required to spend four years in a nursing home to regain her speech and mobility. 

Ms. Lundy serves as a strong advocate for women’s heart health in North Carolina. She is dedicated to enhancing volunteer efforts to build awareness and provide education to North Carolinia residents regarding women’s heart health and signs of a stroke. Her efforts have included convening women’s heart disease/stroke support groups, leading stroke educational campaigns, educating government and industry leaders, and playing a lead role in local initiatives, such as the Triangle Stroke Outreach and Education Initiative. This task force of local partners (e.g., hospitals, churches, sororities, social groups, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, and individuals) focuses on reducing the incidence of stroke through interventions, information, and education. The initiative is the first minority community-based stroke support group in Raleigh, North Carolina.