Fern Jureidini Webb, PhD
Assistant Professor
University of Florida

UF, with major campuses in Gainesville Florida and Jacksonville Florida, is a public university dedicated to executing its mission of teaching, research and service. Dr. Webb is a faculty member in the Department of Community Health/Jacksonville, as well as joint faculty in the Department of Epidemiology. Both of these departments are committed to the improvement of health through clinical and research activities.

Since 1998, Dr. Webb has been involved in community-based health interventions combining health promotion and epidemiology. She has also contributed efforts to civic action and advocacy, aimed at improving the overall health of our communities. During this time, she has collaborated with innumerable community-based organizations in an effort to improve health outcomes, including but not limited to diabetes, hypertension, education [health literacy] and weight status. For example, Dr. Webb serves as the principal investigator on the Winning Over Weight Wellness program (WOW Wellness) funded by the Aetna and Wachovia Wells Fargo Foundations (2010), to assist African American women and their families incorporate simple behavioral changes into their everyday lives in efforts to decrease weight.

Dr. Webb serves in such organizations as the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Inc. of Florida (1992 – 1998), Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. (1990 - ), the Southeastern Health Equity Council, Region IV (2011 - ), Women of Color Cultural Foundation, Jacksonville FL (2007 - ), and School Advisory Councils, Westview K-8 Elementary (2013 - ). In 2012, Dr. Webb was awarded a Diversity Supplement to work with Dr. Linda Cottler’s (PI) NIH NIDA (R01) grant titled Transformative Approach to Reduce Research Disparities Towards Drug Users to further investigate marijuana drug users’ involvement in health research.

Dr. Webb continues to conduct research that seeks to identify and implement culturally-competent, evidence-based interventions to improve health outcomes among minority populations.